The All Elusive Pagerank

A lot of seo people will say they can get you a top listing for $. They can, though in the long run their techniques will hurt your site more then helping it. The only thing that works is ethical methods as listed below and link building which is done in a natural-progression ( and not all ... Read More

The World Wide Unsafe Web

If you are like me you receive emails from friends, associates and business colleagues that make it obvious their computers have a Virus, Trojan, Worm or some other hacked exploit. Usually it is an email with a long string of every email address they have in the "sent to" line and a single ... Read More

Backlinks to Success

A backlink is a one way link from another website with a pagerank higher or equal to the page on your site it links. These types of links are very difficult to scam hence they are very important in determining the rank of a website in the search engines results. There is a great tool for ... Read More
responsive web sites are a must

The New World Wide Web

The internet is on a fast track in these days of the ever evolving World Wide Web.  So, how do we keep up?  I have found that WordPress is the web solution of the past, present and future. I am talking about a WordPress application running on your own or paid for server. sites ... Read More

Is your website keeping up with the times?

Is your website keeping up with the times if the following is true? There are almost ½  billion websites on the world wide web. 50% of internet views are from mobile devices. Almost 90% of the world has mobile devices. There is a growing trend in handheld devices that people can ... Read More

What makes a great web designer?

I have had clients tell me in the past that when they had their first website built that they didn’t have a clue about what to look for in a great web designer and they usually received a less than satisfying experience. So, I decided to write this article in regards to the topic. A great ... Read More