Client Testimonials


Ogdenian appreciates your business and thanks you for taking a couple of minutes to tell us how we did. Ogdenian’s mission is to provide quality, timely and professional services. – Your words mean a lot to us: You may leave a testimonial here

“I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time with me on the phone today to help us with the website. What you created looks great and I am looking forward to working in it this weekend.

We greatly appreciate your help!”

Tricia –

“The Albert Einstein of Web Sites is back. He’s bigger and better than ever. The website that you have created for our ministry has far surpassed and exceeded expectations for excellence. Your work has been and will continue to be an blessing to everyone you do business with keep up the good work”

– Mya Chavis


I always email you with things I need done or changes, but I just felt like sending you an email to tell you how much I love this new website you just created for me. It is so sharp, and even more than what I had hoped it to be.

Thanks again for doing such a great job, and have a great rest of the weekend.

– Rob Hixenbaugh –,,, &

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful service you have given us over the years. It has been a true blessing to have found someone of your talent and patient to work with. You have done such wonderful thing for our sites and cant thank you enough. Some time you will have to visit Costa Rica. I think we have to name a martini after you! the Ogden Martini.

– Marlintini’s Owner –,,,, &

Great reviews on the new website, You ROCK !

– Richard Rosen –

Dear Ogden,

You are very talented and creative, and I really love the website. I will be contacting you after conference to give us a new face. I have learned a lot from this initial interaction about how to expedite things in the future and what information needs to be placed where. I even learned more about my own computer as regards internet server behind the scenes operation– It was an eye-opener!

My team is very pleased, I should say, delighted, and those who have visited so far are very impressed.

Again, thank you for your excellent work, God bless you.


– Willetta Greene Johnson/ StrategicMusic, Inc. –

Is fast, creative, innovative, and professional. He goes above and beyond to give you that unique edge that will put over the top in a competitive market. The Pride that he takes in his “Name” and “Work” is guaranteed to leave you satisfied when its all over..Ok short, sweet and to the point, The guy is like the Albert Einstein of websites.Thanks Again Ogden

– Mya Chavis –

“Ogden you rock! Thank you so much for the most innovative site I could have asked for. It is everything I wanted and so much more.

I highly recommend Odgen. He is Artistic, Creative, Professional and driven to get the best results possible for you!! Bravo!!!”

– Zoe DeVita –

“Let me tell you one thing about Ogden – he is the most creative guy in the entire world. He did my flash intro and there are no words to describe how well he did it. He is now commissioned to do my website and I can’t wait until is finish. He is very professional and gets the job done very quick. I highly recommend anyone to use his services.”

– Alberto Vazquez –

“Ogden is without a doubt THE BAR when it comes to web design. His meticulous attention to personal style and detail, coupled with his incredible artistic vision put him in a league by himself. Ogden is the Michelangelo of web design.”

– Carlos Andrés Gómez –

“You are amazing!!! Thank you so much for your work on our website. We get so many compliments from people who view our site. Your work was competitive both artistically and economically. You blow everyone out of the water.

Thank you again!!!”

– Tryntje Gill

“The site looks beautiful, thank you for all of your help”

– Brent Shuttleworth

“Finally I have a site design I can be proud of. I’ve never seen anything so authentic, I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

– Aaron Taylor

“Once again you have done it again my friend!! Excellent work!!! That is exactly how I wanted it.”

– Anthony Bioch

“WOW, thanks you SOOOO Much, it looks GREAT, and everyone loves it!! AGAIN THANK YOU!! amazing work! I just wish I could do flash like that. You are the MAN!!”

– Soke Raymond L. Cagle –

“Thanks for the effort. Like this is perfect. Thanks a lot!”

– Bjoern Heinekamp

“The flash is kicking! I love it. Everything is perfect, the music, the logo, the colors. Good job.”

– Brandon Burden


– Chris Zardinidis

“Your work is very impressive.”

– Christopher W. Prinkly

“Ogden, you are a genious – looks great!”

– Dana Picore –,

“Your work is amazing, I am really impressed!”

– Howard Christian

 “Absolutely Perfect! Thank you so much.”

– Jeffery Allen Hildebrant

“Great!!! Thank you very much for the great customer service! I am very pleased with the site and the service you provided me with!”

– Kalim Wigfall

“Thank you for your great work!”

– Kris Borrowmeo

“What can I say… WOW !!!”

– Margaret Krygier

“Dear Ogden,
I want to thank you very much for “work well done” on my homepage.
It’s just the way I like it.
I like the way we work together.
And I must say, you are the best in what you do.

Greetings from Germany,

Thanks again, we’ll keep in touch,”

– Mary Sylvester

“We are getting non stop complements from anyone who views the site. You did a great job and I thank you very much!”

– Mike Levine

“WOW! That is awesome!
Thanks for a great job on the fireworks Flash… I am getting lots of great compliments!”

– Mike Macchioni

“Thanks Ogden. It looks great! Job well done”

– Monique Danielle

“Words can not adequately describe how your interpretation of my site concept is right on the money. Totally love it. It also suits who I am and my own sense of design and style.

Have had Cell Health Makeover finish Spring with a bang as it surpassed 2000 visitors in its last day- all in one day.

Are either listed # 1 and/or are on the 1st pages in Google searches with all the keyword rich content amidst thousands of others.

On this last day, it already had over 31,000 visitors for the month, so far, and had not imagined the exponential growth to happen so fast. Have been so busy I’ve had to hire help processing sales as I’m getting behind with many other things.

Of course, can’t help be reminded, daily, that your magic touch in web design keeps me grateful to you for sharing your gifts so generously.

Keep on doing your wonderful work, Ogden.”

– Rinski Johnson –

“The website looks fantastic.
Thanks for your efficiency and flawless execution.”

– Jay Goldfrey –

“WOW !!!
Don’t know what we could do to improve that.
Again … Thanks for making us look so good !


– Scott L. Spencer

“Wow! Ogden…Thank you soo much for this! You have no idea how much this means to me. Four of us have just gotten tattoos with this logo (with some variations, as my nieces can have ‘color’ in their tattoos…and I can’t ~ lol!) But thank you, and I always recommend you. Alot of people aspire, to be 1/100th as good as you are!”

– Joel Williams

“I got 3 customized flash applications form Ogden, He met my requests perfectly and produced exactly what I was after, within a quick time frame and provided great friendly service. Highly recommended.”

– Ben King

“Aloha Ogden,

Thanks for the quick update, it is always great working with you. I have to tell you again, I’ve told you this many times before over the years, everyone loves our web site.

We no longer send a big portfolio of our work to our clients we simply send them to our site. Your fast response and meticulous attention to every detail, as we expand and improve our online presentation, is always greatly appreciated.”

– Roger W. Myers – President `Ailana Images, Inc. –

Your digital creations and web templates exude life; truly amazing! There are tons of web designers out there! but your work has soul in it.”

Warm regards,
– Kiran – Fremont, CA

“Dear Ogden,
Thank You so much. I can’t tell you how great it is doing business with you!!”

– David Toturgul

Ogden is the best. He does thing QUICKLY AND EFFICIANTLY. He has done a great job on our site and is always available for quick changes, updates and problem solving. We are so grateful!

– Cari Shiel –