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Yahoo and MSN merger and you

For a while you could not access MSN Webmaster Live to submit or update sitemaps.  This was due in part the merger of Yahoo and MSN last October. There are still two different control panels for submitting sitemaps to these search engines. MSN Webmaster Live is now renamed to Bing Webmaster.  ... Read More

Webpage Spam Detector

Webpage Spam Detector analyzes a webpage, searching for characteristics that a search engine could consider as spam. Spamming the search engines could get a page to rank 1000+ in the search results.


Ethical or not?

Recently, I have noticed a lot of hoopla about services such as the two here: http://keepvid.com/  convert YouTube video to FLV http://www.youtube-mp3.org convert YouTube video to MP3 With these later two services one can create a whole library of music and videos just from converting ... Read More

Statistical Analysis of Ogdenian.com

Ogdenian visited by individuals from 8,540 cities in 178 countries. 57.19% visitors use Internet Explorer, 32.44% use Firefox, and 5.19% use Safari Browsers. 87.18% visitors use Windows and 9.21% use Macintosh computers. 39.09% visitors at 1024x768 screen resolution, 15.42% at 1280x1024, ... Read More

robots.txt file

You need a robots.txt file in your root directory to let search engine spiders know to index all your site files. You can also specify which bots, web directories or web pages to disallow search engine to spider (go to www.robotstxt.org for more information.) Now you can also tell the search ... Read More

HTML, CSS and Link Validation

The less valid a web page's html is the less search engine friendly it is. Bad code, excessive code and dead links confuse search engines. HTML validator: W3C Markup Validation Service CSS style sheet validator: W3C CSS Validation Service CSS Comprehensive Validation: WDG CSS Validation ... Read More

Keyword Selector & Density Tools

I can't emphasize enough how important it is that the copy on a webpage needs to have key word phrases which people actually search for, or a site will be invisible in the search engine results. The following tools actually show you what people searched for in the last month. The information ... Read More