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WordPress Plugins to make you smile


I love informing people of things that I find amazing and useful, especially when it comes to making your online businesses and/or presence better and easier for all.

Over a million websites are based on the backbone script WordPress because of its ability to be customized and updated without having to redo all the content from scratch. Also, the added use of plugins allows the site owner to add functions that would otherwise require programmers, be costly and time consuming. I have used many of these plug-ins while creating sites for my clients to their amazement and satisfaction.

WordPress sites can be made responsive. Responsive WordPress sites resize images and content to fit the device the user is viewing the site with. Also, they automatically redo the menu to a simpler phone friendly one so that it can still be used with ease. The added benefit of being super search engine friendly can’t be ignored. Though, I must mention that they can be beautiful too.

So, while searching the web I found the following resource and I think it is amazing. It displays the most popular plug-ins ranked by the quantity of downloads. It is shown in the format of a periodic table displaying the top 108 WordPress Plugins. It is a good visual clue as to what functions can be added to a pre-existing site based on the WordPress script.

Here is a link to the content: