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As always, I am on the lookout for information to make a web designer’s job more efficient and to have better quality with search engine optimization foremost in importance.  The use of mobile phones have increased the importance of designing sites that are cross platform friendly besides being just cross browser friendly.  The machines web designers do their work need to be secured, spyware and virus free at all times because of the transfer of files to and from clients and web servers.  Clients have to easily be able to send us huge gigabytes worth of files.

Here are some links to services and information:

On another note, there are some great tools for web designers to check the SEO of websites that are regular or based on wordpress applications. With the right information we are armed with the information to make educated decisions and a better the web experience for our clients and viewers. Check out the information that can be viewed by using the tools at the following two links:

Please use your judgment in regards to how you use the later information. In the process of maintaining my Multimedia Web Designers Blog I have noticed in the past that links may die, become out-dated or change the information that was there when I wrote this article.