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The New World Wide Web

responsive web sites are a must

The internet is on a fast track in these days of the ever evolving World Wide Web.  So, how do we keep up?  I have found that WordPress is the web solution of the past, present and future. I am talking about a WordPress application running on your own or paid for server. sites are ok but not as great as one running the software on your own server instead.

Why? There are plugins for almost everything one can think of or need. Here are a few capabilities available via installing plugins to WordPress:

  • Newsletters
  • Site backup
  • Automatic mobile conversion
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • e-Commerce
  • Copy and Image Protection
  • Contact forms with the ability to control recipients
  • Social buttons (Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, etc…)
  • Control font size
  • Exclude pages from navigation,
  • External nofollow
  • Automatic sitemap building
  • Mutlicons ( Favicon, apple touch )
  • Robots meta
  • Donations
  • Really Simple CAPTCHA
  • WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress works better if it is kept up to date.  WordPress becomes faster and more secure the more updated it is.  You have to make sure that the plugins work with the version of WordPress you want to update to. Never update WordPress core files without heeding the message “Make sure you back up your installation and database.”  I have also seen people install plugins that break the whole site because they don’t read the “Details” section which tells you the compatible version of WordPress it can work with.

Then suddenly you also have a perfect website application that is cross device compatible if you use the correct combination of plugins and themes. It truly is an amazing piece of Open-source software. No wonder 60 plus million people use it and it’s search engine optimized too. 🙂

As always contact me if you have any questions and/or comments.