Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The All Elusive Pagerank


A lot of seo people will say they can get you a top listing for $. They can, though in the long run their techniques will hurt your site more then helping it. The only thing that works is ethical methods as listed below and link building which is done in a natural-progression ( and not all at the same time… if Google sees a site suddenly get 300 backlinks it knows it is spamming the index.) Seo sites do the later. Yes you get a better ranking, but as soon as the search engines spiders catch it your site gets sandboxed to the 1000 search results as a penalty. So, what usually happens is a person pays a seo firm and gets on page one of the search results… job well done… then suddenly a month to 6 months later the site gets sandboxed to the 1000 plus search results resulting in a waste of money given to the seo person. Hence, the later is why I give the information away freely. It is a time consuming process to do it right. I have a page rank of 4 which took me years to cultivate.

In order to get pagerank you need:

  • Same genre pages of an equal or better pagerank then your page linking one-way to your site. Install Google toolbar and activate the pagerank indicator. The easy way is to write 300 word articles and press releases and submit them to pr sites or blogs/forums that allow you to link back to your site.
  • Also, use key words or key phrases in the link text in your signature
  • Write 300 word articles about the subject on your own site. Larger the site is the better it ranks.
  • Make sure there are no duplicate content issues on your site. Never cut and paste text from you site when marketing it. Edit the text till it passes the test. Test all you pages.
  • Duplicate content is the number 1 reason a site doesn’t rank well.
  • Use the all in one seo plugin on wordpress sites when writing a new post or page on your site.
  • Whatever keyword or keyphrase that you want to be found for needs to be in the copy of the page in question.

I should make a note here about the quality of the page that links back to your site. You don’t need a lot of one-way links to your site but a couple of high pagerank ones.

Example: A pagerank 6 page on another site has a text link “Metagenics Expert” that links to your metagenics page. You page would automatically get a pagerank increase because of the quality of the link.

Writing articles is an easiest way to achieve pagerank. I am a member of some high profile blogs with high pagerank. Every time I comment in a subject I get a quality link back to my site. I don’t do it often, in fact I do the later very sparingly. Too many links from one site to yours flags the spam search engine spiders. I only comment on subjects of the same genre as the page I link it to. I add keywords and phrases to my comment in a natural way and a link back to my site.

Another mistake I see people do over and over is to cut and paste text from their own site in their marketing on other sites. Never do it. The rule is unique text every time.

I predict that SEO will pretty much be dead in 2013 because the search engines are wise to all the techniques. Ethical website methods with quality content are the rule.