E-commerce Sites

responsive-web-designDo you need a e-commerce website? Do you have something you are selling?

Now you can do so in a search engine friendly manner with a visually appealing layout. Tangible goods can be sold with ease. Digital goods can be sold with the ability to download the files after a successful payment. You could sell Ebooks, Videos, Soundtracks or any other product that you produce.

We at Ogdenian.com can create an e-commerce site that your customers will love. An e-commerce site written in clean code with an admin panel whereas products can be easily added by you.

Here are some of the many added features that can be added to an e-commerce platform:

  • A newsletter functionality can be added to keep your customers updated about what’s new or anything else you desire.
  • A “share” functionality can be added so your customers can share their finds with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google and many more.
  • Digital Products download right after a successful payment functionality can be added.
  • Completed video ads can easily be added to the site.
  • Image galleries can also be added to the site to enhance the customers’ experience.
  • The functionality of selling advertisers space can be added to the site.
  • A news section can be added to the site to keep customers informed.
  • Backdoor sitemap and submissions to keep the search engines informed about your product pages.

Also, we can install and customize Zen Cart, osCommerce templates and other 3rd party e-commerce templates.

Let us know what you require and we will give you a free consultation.

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