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The Ogdenian Facelift


So many people are now using mobile devices to view the internet and the growth trend seems to have no end in sight.  Almost every time I see a young person they are glued to their Smartphone and I see many adults picking up the habit too.  It seems to start with texting then move on to a full internet integration.  I envision USB cords sticking out of necks or even better yet…wireless skin implanted modems. Ok, so I am dreaming. But,  oh how I would love to have a miniature portable holographic projector on my belt. I could walk down the street as a dragon. I am a dreamer and will continue to do so till it becomes a reality through collective think tanking. While looked towards the future I wondered if my own site was ready for it.

The time had come whereas this website needed to be upgraded to a cross device compatible platform. So, I created this current website that is lightweight and still visually appealing.

This website is constructed in HTML5 with a co-existing mobile version.  So, one version of the site comes up if you view it on a mobile device and another if you use a typical pc web browser.  There is also the option to switch back and forth between the regular and the mobile site. The trick is getting this new HTML5 to do what I want while maintaining valid code. I succeeded in my quest. And this “webdragonmaster” will now do this for others.

It is challenging to keep up with internet technologies and I look forward to the future and whatever wondrous things it brings to my frame of reference.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts, suggestions and comments. I would love to hear from you.