Industry News gets a new look

New Webisite

I started my annual review of‘s usability and functionality.

  1. I noticed that the menu items needed to be clicked twice in certain browsers with the latest WordPress update. So I decided that it was time to update my website’s theme because the only other option was to run another JavaScript on my site. Running multiple JavaScripts on a single web site page can create havoc on load times, site speed, functionality, etc…
  2. My other goal was to trim down the amount of plugins used on my site. Some third party plugins can create security holes and a slow user experience.  Many times I go into a client’s WordPress admin area and am shocked by the number of plugins they have installed. It is important that any installed plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.  Remember the adage “less is better” when it dealing with third party plugins.
  3. I also tweeked the blog post share utility and the facebook “og” share image aspect of the theme.