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Ogdenian achieves pagerank 4



It makes me smile to know that the search engines appreciate my devotion to ethical web designing. I take no shortcuts and still achieve PageRank. It is because I stick to my own set of rules and understanding of the world wide web and its search engines. The internet is forever changing and I am constantly learning as it evolves. I learn because it intrigues me and I like difficult puzzles.

Oh happy day!

I might even get a Pagerank of 5 after the next update because the new search engine algorithm is going to penalize websites that have many links from other website’s blog post and comments.

More good news!

It also means that the spam we get from unknowns trying to comment on our sites for the sole purpose of leaving a link is going to stop eventually once they get the news or their sites disappear from the search results. Thank the heavens that I use a rel=nofollow tag on all my site’s outbound links. Most social media sites already incorporated the rel=no-follow rule on outbound links. I get 1-2 people a day trying to comment on my articles with the sole purpose of leaving a link back to their site. A lot of the time the English is so poor and the comment is not even relevant to the material on the page. I just mark them as spam and they can never try to comment again. The nice part of it is that I have complete control of what is on my website via the WordPress admin area.

So, ethical web practices rule. What does it mean for me and you? We have to create likable informative content and keep our sites fresh. I do this by writing blog post because if nothing changes then my site would be considered an archive by the search engines and it’s ranking would go down. I figure adding new content changes every 1 1/2 months a good rule of thumb.

Live, Love and Prosper