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Web Designer Corner – 1


Free Online PR Press Release Services:
Here are some great sites to advertise your business for free using press releases. Just make sure the press release is written like a news story.

New Keyword Selection Tools:
Embedding keywords in the copy a website makes it much easier for people to find it.
Here are some alternative services for the “Overture Keyword Selection Tool” which is offline most of the time:

W3C Site HTML Validation Tool has been updated again. Now everyone can cut and paste source code to validate directly into the results page, hence removing a step in the process. An example of the free Markup Validation Service tool in action: Clean code makes a site easier for search engines to index into their directory.

No More Phone Solicitations (in the USA): Starting Dec 11th 2007 c ompanies are allowed to spam cell phone numbers too. Call 1-888-382-1222 and register phone numbers at to get them on the do not call list. At the moment numbers registered are good for 5 years, though a amendment to the law is pending to make it permanent.

Kapersky Antivirus vs Norton Antivirus: Norton’s Antivirus was using up a lot my system resources so I decided to try a new antivirus program from a company that was also one of my clients. I installed Kapersky on a clean system and was surprised when I did a full scan of my external harddrives and the Kapersky program found a Trojan virus that Norton’s Antivirus previously missed. Then I received an email of which Kapersky quarantined because of a Trojan virus. I contacted the sender of the email and guess what? He was using Norton’s Antivirus. For years I was using a program that didn’t do the job it advertised, go figure. Now my system is running better, smoother and faster.

Update: Avast Antivirus is the best now!