Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketing in Times of Economic Strife


One thing that I have learned is that perseverance always wins out in regards to economic downturns such as what’s happening in the USA and elsewhere today. So, I always do everything I can to market my own business and suggest that you do too. As a rule of thumb, I never create too many links back to my site in a short period of time because the search engines like a natural link building progression. Here are my picks for marketing, site marketing analytics, online classifieds, graphic design tools, video converting tools, up-and-coming social media sites, online file transfer tools, and new search engines:

Ever need a font file and don’t know what the font is called? Use to find out what a font is.

Friendster ( is huge non-American social media site. Another social network worth having a foothold in for marketing purposes, they also have a huge free “OLX Free Classifieds” section at

Website Grader ( is a free tool that grades a web site in SEO terms. I feel that this is generally a good tool that can give insightful information.

Subscribing to a blog search engine or feed increases the popularity of a blog. A feed is similar to

So, submit your blog or feed(s) to:

Submit your site to these free business directories: