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Is your website keeping up with the times?


Is your website keeping up with the times if the following is true?

  • There are almost ½  billion websites on the world wide web.
  • 50% of internet views are from mobile devices.
  • Almost 90% of the world has mobile devices.

There is a growing trend in handheld devices that people can view the internet with. Some are even worried that the internet as we know it might be evolving into something far from what it has been up to date and that search engines like Google might fall to the way-side.  Even the new Windows 8 operating system looks like a phone app. Who needs search engines when you can just talk to your phone and it tells or shows you what you want.

I can see us one day walking into our homes asking the air around us to tell us our phone messages, give our replies, turn on the lights, turn on the news channel, and start dinner. I can picture Corning smart glass everywhere. Digital screens in the bathroom mirror, counter tops and coffee table all connected wirelessly to our phones or routers. You walk outside to see video presentations in bus stop panels, store windows, car windows and digital billboards.  We will be living in a fully digitalized world.

Yes, not all mobile phones are smart phones. Wasn’t it not too long ago that big screen TV’s came out, and now everyone has one. It is just a matter of time and not that much by my standards.

So, I looked at my business website realizing that so many of these devices can’t view Adobe Flash. It was a sad day for this Flash Designer when Apple and Adobe couldn’t get along.

Humans are the most adaptable of all species hence why we dominate this world. So, I too adapted. Flash still has a place in video production of which I am glad. I instantly changed my website to a light weight mobile friendly platform and am developing a co-existing mobile version as time permits between client projects.

So, I ask again: Is your website keeping up with the times? If not, contact us.