Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to write good search engine optimized copy for your website

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I have had people ask me why their site doesn’t come up in the search engines for a particular keyword or keyphrase. And the first thing I usually notice is that the term(s) are not even in the copy of the page in question. Or, the terms are not even searched for by internet users.

When writing copy for your website make sure you include the keywords and keyphrases that people are actually searching for. There are online tools you may use that lets you know if users have searched for your keyword or keyphrase in the last month and how many times they did so. The following are invaluable tools for writing good copy for a website.

Keyword tools:

Make a list of all the keywords that apply to your site.
Repeat them 3-4 times in the copy of the home page.
Repeat them 3-4 more times on copy for their individual page.
The individual page should be optimized for one or at the most two keywords and/or keyphrases.
The best case scenario is a page optimized for one keyword or key phrase. So, make individual pages for each keywords and keyphrases if your site is a broad range of subjects.

Sentences with keywords and keyphrases embedded into them is exactly what I am talking about. Just make sure the English and the grammar is correct. Try not to string keywords in sentences with a lot of commas. 7 commas in a sentence is the max. Any more and the page will get flagged as “spamming” and never get pageranked or gain popularity.

The whole purpose of this is to embed keywords and keyphrases in the copy so the search engine result pages will include your page when a user does a search. Using keyword discovery tools lets you know that the user is already searching for the particular term(s). So, your page has a better chance of coming up in a search.