Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google, Yahoo and MSN Sitemap Submissions


Ever wonder how to force the Google and Yahoo cache of your site to be updated? Therefore making changes to the site almost instantaneous to the search result rank listings? Well I love to be able to control a little of what happens on the internet battlefield.

Now all you need is to signup for Google Sitemaps and Bing Webmaster Tools

Then create a sitemap and download the un-compressed “XML” Sitemap to upload to your web server.

Upload the googlexxxx.html and/or yahooxxxx.html and xxxx.xml to your server to verify and activate. then bingo, now you tell Google and Yahoo when to index your site instead of waiting for their next spider crawl. You also can set the priority of the pages you want indexed. Also, the regular Google indexing of your site will still take place so you don’t have to worry about pages not getting indexed if you didn’t mention them in your sitemap. Sitemaps do not help you to improve your rankings on Google and Yahoo. It is just another way to invite their spiders to index your site.

Also, this format can be used:’s Sitemap.xml