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The New World Wide Web

The internet is on a fast track in these days of the ever evolving World Wide Web.  So, how do we keep up?  I have found that WordPress is the web solution of the past, present and future. I am talking about a WordPress application running on your own or paid for server. sites […]

What makes a great web designer?

I have had clients tell me in the past that when they had their first website built that they didn’t have a clue about what to look for in a great web designer and they usually received a less than satisfying experience. So, I decided to write this article in regards to the topic. A […]


Increase your website’s SEO by writing articles

First, write a website subject related article of 300 words. Article writing is a great way to create one-way links back to your site on high PageRank pages that have subject and keyword similarity to your own site.  Hence, article writing creates great SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Things … Read More


Is social media killing your website?

As a webmaster, a lot of my clients ask me to add Twitter and Facebook like buttons to their websites.  Clients see statements like, “Find us on Twitter” and “Find us on Facebook” on TV commercials and magazines figuring that they have to be part of this trend without really understanding … Read More

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How to write good search engine optimized copy for your website

I have had people ask me why their site doesn’t come up in the search engines for a particular keyword or keyphrase. And the first thing I usually notice is that the term(s) are not even in the copy of the page in question. Or, the terms are not even searched for by internet users. […]


Multiple parked domains and SEO – Good or Bad?

A parked domain is an additional domain name which loads your main site. The main reason why people do this is when they are marketing specific keywords contained in the new domain name, require a shorter domain name or an easier one to remember. Google considers parked domains as duplicate … Read More


Is your website a Tortoise or Hare?

The latest Google algorithm change has made the load time for a website an important factor in regards to its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ranking. How fast does your website take to load in a browser window? Basically, your site should load in a browser window within 3 seconds. I … Read More


Web Designers Corner

As always, I am on the lookout for information to make a web designer’s job more efficient and to have better quality with search engine optimization foremost in importance.  The use of mobile phones have increased the importance of designing sites that are cross platform friendly besides … Read More


Web Designers Corner – 8

Hello again, As always, I wish you happiness and the best that life has to offer. During this season our newsletter is packed with important information and tips to make your online presence more successful. Changing with the times: Every now and then, as browsers and operating … Read More