Rank Better in the Search Engines

Things you can do right now to make your site rank better: Check for bad links: https://validator.w3.org/checklink – fix or remove bad links. Make sure there is no duplicate content penalties for your site: http://copyscape.com/ – write new copy or fix issue. Get free search engine … Read More

Responsive websites are a must

The latest Google algorithm update is here and it is inline with what I have been doing for my clients for years.  Google is now boosting responsive site pages higher in the search results on all mobile devices. Why change with the times? Keeping your website updated helps with your … Read More


Ogdenian achieves pagerank 4

  It makes me smile to know that the search engines appreciate my devotion to ethical web designing. I take no shortcuts and still achieve PageRank. It is because I stick to my own set of rules and understanding of the world wide web and its search engines. The internet is forever changing … Read […]


The top ten reasons your website is not working for you

I am always asked “Why is my site not bringing me business?”  The first thing I do is load their site in a browser and run a few test. The following top ten reasons is what I usually find after an initial examination. We all know about supply and demand when it comes to business. […]


WordPress Plugins to make you smile

I love informing people of things that I find amazing and useful, especially when it comes to making your online businesses and/or presence better and easier for all. Over a million websites are based on the backbone script WordPress because of its ability to be customized and updated without … Read More


Optimize Your Website

Have you ever tried to view a website on your mobile device and found yourself frustrated while waiting for the page to load? You are not the only one to experience the later. It seems that we are moving backwards in respect to bandwidth and websites due to mobile devices.  It is important … Read More


The All Elusive Pagerank

A lot of seo people will say they can get you a top listing for $. They can, though in the long run their techniques will hurt your site more then helping it. The only thing that works is ethical methods as listed below and link building which is done in a natural-progression ( and not […]


Backlinks to Success

A backlink is a one way link from another website with a pagerank higher or equal to the page on your site it links. These types of links are very difficult to scam hence they are very important in determining the rank of a website in the search engines results. There is a great tool […]