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Optimize Your Website


Have you ever tried to view a website on your mobile device and found yourself frustrated while waiting for the page to load? You are not the only one to experience the later. It seems that we are moving backwards in respect to bandwidth and websites due to mobile devices.  It is important to optimize everything on a website.

Website elements that need to be optimized:

  • Images – optimize them with an image optimizer.
  • Videos – Stream them via a service like YouTube.
  • Design Elements in Website Themes and Templates. Lightweight themes are better in the long run.
  • Sound files – optimize them via an audio editing program

The end result is that your site will load much faster creating better conversions to having actual clients and/or purchasers.  The over-all experience of the visitor will be much better if the need for information is resolved quickly.

As always feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.