HTML, CSS and Link Validation

The less valid a web page’s html is the less search engine friendly it is. Bad code, excessive code and dead links confuse search engines. HTML validator: W3C Markup Validation Service CSS style sheet validator: W3C CSS Validation Service CSS […]


Keyword Selector & Density Tools

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that the copy on a webpage needs to have key word phrases which people actually search for, or a site will be invisible in the search engine results. The following tools actually […]


PageRank (PR):

To know the page rank (PR) of a web page install Google Toolbar Pagerank Checker Microsoft Yahoo pagerank checker and information Google PageRank Explained To see how many sites are linking to your site without your site being in the […]


Google, Yahoo and MSN Sitemap Submissions

Ever wonder how to force the Google and Yahoo cache of your site to be updated? Therefore making changes to the site almost instantaneous to the search result rank listings? Well I love to be able to control a little […]


Online Shopping Tip

During these times when gas is over $4 a gallon, saving money is always a welcomed relief.  I had to reorder checks the other day and during the checkout process it asked me if I had a promotional code.  I […]


How to protect a site from Hackers

Download a free program called filezilla.  Google it to get a copy of the program. Keep a backup copy of all your site files on your computer. If your web host or site gets hacked and your site gets messed […]


Ogdenian Receives 2010 Best of Endicott Award

Once again has been recognized as an industry leader. was seleceted for the 2010 Best of Endicott Award in Computer Graphics Service category. Here is a copy of a press release from 2010:


Free Web Listings for Local Businesses

It is becoming much more frequent that people are doing searches for businesses in their specific area.  Supporting local busnesses is a trend which can’t be ignored. Here are some links to services to market your business locally for free: […]


Web Designers Corner – 6

This newsletter has many useful links to resources that will help your company website grow in popularity. Paypal Update: has changed the way they handle Adobe Flash “Buy Now” links. Your payment links will have to be updated to the […]