subMy name is Ogden McGahan and I started Ogdenian.com back in the days when people accessed the internet via the phone lines. I was an avid poet doing open mics when one day someone asked me if I had a book of my prose poetry. I didn’t so I created one. Then someone asked me if I had a website to sell my book. I didn’t so I created one, hence Ogdenian.com was born. I sold my first copy to a person from Canada. All the while thinking, “Wow, a total stranger just purchased my book” and started thinking there is something about the internet that intrigues me. Meanwhile, a prose poetry forum I installed on my site started to take on a life of its own. All these poets communicating with each other and sharing ideas, making friends and creating prose. Others and I started messing with animation programs, the first being Macromedia Director. We then started sharing our animation work with each other because we could publish our work to the web. One day, a CEO from out west asked me if I could do animations for his company website and offered to pay me for the service. Then broadband connections and Macromedia Flash came out, my business took off with a rush. It was a new frontier and everyone wanted to be competitive in a market where almost anything could happen. It was an exciting time for all internet businesses.

The internet evolved and now adobe flash is not the medium it once was due to it not being 100% cross-device compatible. So, Ogdenian.com keeps moving forward with the use of JavaScript animations and search engine optimized website design. HTML5 is becoming the norm and the main web design language that I currently use. The ever changing internet is still a visually exciting medium of which we can all enjoy and prosper with.

I’ve been supplying web design and internet services since 1998. I have been told, “Ogden McGahan has an insightful intuitive perception in regards to the reality and essential workings of search engines and the world wide web.”

Some of my past accomplishments:

Be it my love of music, literature, art, cooking, photography or the digital realm I have always found a way to share these gifts given to me at birth. I believe that you can’t be fully happy unless you’re exploring your God-given gifts to their limits and capacities.

Note: All the photography found on this website was photographed by Ogden McGahan.

It would please me greatly to hear your comments and suggestions.