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Web Designers Corner – 4


The Ogdenian “Web Designers Corner” Newsletter is here to help anyone with an online presence better their internet rankings and to extend the functionality and usability of their websites.

Get a Free Yellow Book Directory listing:
I called 1-800-929-3556 and my business was given a free white section listing and also listed under three business section headings. The Yellow Book is a phonebook that is delivered in over 1000 cities nationwide in the US. Also ,they automatically put me in the online version at

Free Business Directories:

Great plugins for wordpress blogs: – a robust paypal shopping cart solution. – a great paypal auction solution.

Security for wordpress blog platforms:
I saw this and remembered when the Brazilian Spy Kids hacked my blog a few years back.
The new WordPress “Firewall Plugin” blocks suspicious-looking requests to WordPress. You may download it here:

Send a large file to anyone, anywhere, up to 300MB for free!:

HTML coding:
There is a new tag that stops search engine duplicate content penalties within the same site and allows one to set a preferred version of a site page. Just add something like <link rel=”canonical” href=””>
in the section of the page with duplicate content.